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Moving Windows Cellphone scrolls/SMS to Android Re: Moving Windows Phone scrolls/SMS to Android Simply finished transfering my 38000 messages to android. Exactly what a day to not be dead. IT WORKS WITH NO SD CARD, E.G. 930 It really is time-consuming rather straightforward although: PHASE 1. OBTAIN A BACKUP 1/ quot Receive &; quot & contacts+SMS backup; 1.5/ Disregard The reality. Get it. 2/ Open it under " Controls" 3/ Click the three factors at the end right of the display 4 gt & Configurations ; on my phone, and place your copy somewhere. 5/ Join your lumia for your computer and get your copy. CYCLE 2. ALTERATION, Part 11/ Get the TEST variation of EMAIL CONVERTER [ ] 2/ Convert your file into a.Txt document.

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Backup timestamps that are original, get all of the info, incorporate headers. 3/ your record is made 4/ Start it to find out is in reality an xml record 5/ yay. CONVERSION, Part 2 1/ Start that.txt/xml file with Stylish Wording (particularly if you have a lot of data) 2/ take away the xlmns header. Believe me this web page with this. 3/ Exchange all the home-closing labels into /shut sets that are open, using attention to not infected your data. 4/ Save. PHASE 4.

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We Master that one/ Open Succeed 2/ gt Info & External Knowledge > From Other Solutions XML 3/ Significance that document. Excel click the link will auto-create the absent header from before. 4/ You’ve a desk that is magnificient. STAGE 5. Bored yet? 1/ utilize this id=43567415205944439186 theme[/URL] to convert it to an xml format that may be read by your cellphone. It is a format, not a macro. You WILL involve some manual work to-do. 2/ Copy that 3 files with text that is elegant / add header and footer.

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<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’UTF-8′ standalone=’yes’?> <!–File Produced By SMS Backup & Restore v7.42 on 10/07/2015 09:53:08–> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="sms.xsl"?> <smses count="YOURNMBEROFSMS"> PERIOD 6. 1/ Exchange allin elegant wording: body=’ BY body=" toa= BY " toa= 1.5/ SAVE 2/ DOWNLOAD SMS BACKUP +RESTORE from the play retailer. Not one that seems like a filemanager, usually the one with the tattoo that is blue. 3/ Set your xml report that is new on your telephone 3/ RESTORE " Media and navigate to the file 4/ wait a lot. 5/ Accomplished. NOTES: Schedules can not be soft to get this method is EXTENDED atleast you got your messages I really couldn’t post links so I eliminated the key area of the url That Is all individuals. Transferring Windows Cellphone scrolls/SMS to Android

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